A Brief About Me

Hello, I am Marsel Sampe Asang

I'm someone who relaxed and not like a fuss.
Many people say that i was a shy and reserved person. I really agree 100% with that statement.

I'm working as a PROGRAMMER, especially in web and desktop application.

I love computer and technology when i was a child. When i was in elementary school, i used computer to playing games and often i was given a task from my parent to typed their reports.
In high school, that's the first time i introduced with programming. Visual Basic is the first programming language that i used. After that i began to love programming world and want to learn it more deep.

After i graduated from high school, i continue my study to college and take Informatic Engineering as my program. I graduated from college and get my bachelor's degree after 3,5 year.

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Full Name Marsel Sampe Asang
Born Makale, March 30, 1993
Address Jl.Kemiri 2 no.799, Salatiga, Central Java
Religion Christian
Almamater Satya Wacana Christian University SWCU
Phone Number +6285342937177

What i’m doing

Hobbies & Interest

Video games
Watching Movie


Best Graduate Informatic Engineering Program
Faculty of Information Technology, Satya Wacana Christian University
at exam period March 2015

Finalist of ACM ICPC Multi-Provincial IdeaFuse 2015
Held in STMIK Mikroskil
Medan, North Sumatera, May 23, 2015

Runner Up of FIT Appathon Live Coding Competition
Held in hall of Satya Wacana Christian University
Salatiga, February 17, 2015

First Winner of IT Competition - MikroTIK My Small Business
Held in auditorium Faculty of Information Technology, Satya Wacana Christian University.
Salatiga, January 30, 2015